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Tobin Winters

Mi9 Retail
VP - Cloud Engineering
Winooski, VT
Interested in all things Cloud Native, Kubernetes and Spinnaker - shifting our workloads to GCP
Friday, November 15

9:00am PST

Saturday, November 16

8:00am PST

Sunday, November 17

8:00am PST

2:00pm PST

Monday, November 18

9:00am PST

1:00pm PST

5:02pm PST

5:08pm PST

5:14pm PST

5:20pm PST

5:26pm PST

5:32pm PST

5:38pm PST

5:44pm PST

5:50pm PST

5:56pm PST

6:02pm PST

6:08pm PST

Tuesday, November 19

7:00am PST

9:00am PST

9:10am PST

9:20am PST

9:47am PST

9:54am PST

10:16am PST

10:20am PST

10:55am PST

11:50am PST

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5:21pm PST

5:41pm PST

5:46pm PST

6:06pm PST

6:11pm PST

6:25pm PST

6:35pm PST

6:40pm PST

Wednesday, November 20

7:30am PST

9:00am PST

9:05am PST

9:27am PST

9:34am PST

9:54am PST

9:59am PST

10:24am PST

10:55am PST

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3:20pm PST