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Tim Allclair

Software Engineer
Tim Allclair joined the Kubernetes project with Google just after the 1.0 launch in 2015. He co-chairs sig-auth, is an active sig-node contributor, and a member of the Kubernetes Product Security Team (responsible for responding to vulnerabilities in Kubernetes). His most recent charter is providing stronger container isolation, a topic which he has spoken about at previous KubeCons.

2015 年,Tim Allclair 在 Kubernetes 1.0 版本推出后加入谷歌的 Kubernetes 项目。他是 sig-auth 联席主席,活跃的 sig-node 贡献者,Kubernetes 产品安全团队成员(负责回应 Kubernetes 出现的问题)。他最近的论文是关于提供更加强大的容器隔离,他曾在先前的 KubeCons 大会上提及该主题。