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Wednesday, November 20

10:55am PST

SIG Testing Intro - Sean Chase & Erick Fejta, Google
This session will provide an overview of the testing infrastructure and automation used by the kubernetes project. We manage over 180 GitHub repos, generate test results from over 10,000 jobs per day. We'll walk through some of the improvements we've made to enable contributor self-service since last KubeCon.


Erick Fejta

Staff Software Engineer, Google
Erick works at Google. He writes tooling for the kubernetes community and helps chair sig-testing. He helps create and maintain a lot of community infrastructure such as peribolos, prow, testgrid, kubetest and gubernator. He is also the lesser-known human face behind fejta-bot, which... Read More →

Sean Chase

Software Engineer, Google
Sean Chase is a Engineering Productivity Developer at Google who has worked with the Kubernetes community for 3 years. He maintains and develops TestGrid and Prow, to keep the PRs and tests flowing. Sean has years of experience with both tests and grids.

Wednesday November 20, 2019 10:55am - 11:30am PST
Pacific Ballroom, Salon 25-26 - Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Hotel
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11:50am PST

Scaling SPIRE for Performance and Availability - Tyler Julian, Uber
SPIRE, the community-supported implementation of SPIFFE, enables users to take advantage of workload identity primitives like X.509s and JWTs without needing a deep understanding of complex topics like trust bootstrap, secure introduction, and credential provisioning/rotation.

But implementing the SPIFFE standard is not without its difficulties. SPIRE must scale to meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of workloads in today's hybrid cloud architectures. And, despite a requirement for high, efficient throughout, the system must remain resilient in the face of failure.

In this deep dive, we will study the challenges encountered during the implementation of SPIRE, design considerations and philosophy, and production use cases.

avatar for Tyler Julian

Tyler Julian

Security Engineer, Uber
Security Engineer at Uber focused on authentication and distributed systems, with a background in cryptocurrency protocols.

Wednesday November 20, 2019 11:50am - 12:25pm PST
Pacific Ballroom, Salon 25-26 - Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Hotel

2:25pm PST

SIG Release - Deep Dive: Release Engineering Subproject - Stephen Augustus, VMware & Hannes Hörl, Pivotal
The Kubernetes SIG Release is chartered with producing project releases on a reliable schedule. A key component of this is release automation and build tooling. The process/procedures and tools used to create and maintain Kubernetes release artifacts are the responsibility of SIG Release’s recently created Release Engineering subproject. In the early days of the project this code was heavily dependent on a Google presence and is one of (if not _the_) final remnants of that historical connection to the project’s origination. As SIG Release work to shift these last pieces into a community led process and community maintained code, we need your assistance. This deep dive will present an overview of the major moving pieces in the release pipeline, detail the code/process enhancements and improvements currently underway, and share opportunities where you can join in the Release Engineering subproject to assist in making its code more robust and community sustainable.

avatar for Stephen Augustus

Stephen Augustus

Lead, Cloud Native Tools & Advocacy, VMware
Stephen Augustus is an active leader in the Kubernetes community. He currently serves as a Special Interest Group Chair (Release, PM), a Release Manager, and a subproject owner for Azure.Stephen leads the Cloud Native Developer Strategy team at VMware, driving meaningful interactions... Read More →
avatar for Hannes Hörl

Hannes Hörl

Staff Software Engineer, Pivotal

Wednesday November 20, 2019 2:25pm - 3:00pm PST
Pacific Ballroom, Salon 25-26 - Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Hotel
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3:20pm PST

SIG Service Catalog Deep-Dive - Jonathan Berkhahn, IBM & Mateusz Szostok, SAP
Join us for a deep dive into how Kubernetes Service Catalog works behind the scenes. Starting with a quick overview of the architecture of Service Catalog, we'll also cover the operation of the Open Service Broker API that underpins Service Catalog. We'll cover some of the challenges we faced while bridging the different processing models between Kubernetes and the Open Service Broker API, and we will then look at more advanced scenarios and new features from the perspective of cluster operators, application developers and helm chart authors. You’ll come away with a solid understanding of how Service Catalog works and recommended workflows and practices for using it. Finally, if you're interested in contributing or using Service Catalog, come meet the maintainers and learn how!


Jonathan Berkhahn

Senior Software ENgineer, IBM
Jonathan is a member of the steering committee of Operator Framework, and a maintainer of Operator SDK. He's worked in the past on various open technologies in the cloud platform space, including Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry. His passions in open source include behavior driven development... Read More →
avatar for Mateusz Szostok

Mateusz Szostok

Senior Software Engineer, SAP
Mateusz Szostok works at SAP in an open-source project called Kyma. He is one of the co-chairs of the Service Catalog SIG. He specializes in such domains as Service Catalog, Brokers, and Controllers. Currently, he is in charge of the task to replace the Aggregated API Server with... Read More →

Wednesday November 20, 2019 3:20pm - 3:55pm PST
Pacific Ballroom, Salon 25-26 - Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Hotel
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4:25pm PST

SIG Cloud Provider Deep Dive - Walter Fender, Google & Yassine Tijani, VMware
The long-term goal of SIG Cloud Provider is to promote a vendor-neutral ecosystem for our community. New vendors providing support for Kubernetes should feel equally empowered to do so as any of today’s existing cloud providers. More importantly, SIG Cloud Provider is focused on ensuring a consistent and high-quality user experience across providers. This deep dive will focus on the efforts to finalize the removal of cloud-specific code from the Kubernetes code base and develop a migration strategy for in-tree to external providers. This session will also cover the evolving SIG governance structure following from the merging of individual cloud provider SIGs as working groups under SIG Cloud Provider, as well as any other major topics raised by the cloud provider community.

avatar for Yassine TIJANI

Yassine TIJANI

Member of Technical Staff, VMware
Yassine is a Member of Technical Staff at VMware. He's been working on kubernetes since 2017 as an active member on several SIGs and author of several design proposals. He’s also been operating Kubernetes clusters ranging from small to large sizes for years.

Walter Fender

Software Developer, Google
Graduated from U.C. Berkeley. Working at Google and on Kubernetes API Machinery, Cloud Provider and Node for three years.

Wednesday November 20, 2019 4:25pm - 5:00pm PST
Pacific Ballroom, Salon 25-26 - Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Hotel
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5:20pm PST

CNCF SIG-Security Deep Dive - Jeyappragash Jeyakeerthi, CNCF SIG-Security & Zhipeng Huang, Huawei
“Cloud Native” is open source cloud computing for applications — a complete trusted toolkit for modern architectures (CNCF presentation). There are multiple proposed projects which address key parts of the problem of providing access controls and addressing safety concerns. Each of these adds value, yet for these technical solutions to be capable of working well together and manageable to operate they will need a minimal shared context of what defines a secure system architecture.

avatar for Zhipeng Huang

Zhipeng Huang

Director of Open Source, Huawei
Zhipeng Huang currently serve as Director of Open Source for Huawei Compute Product line, in charge of openEuler, MindSpore and openGauss community operation. Zhipeng is now the TAC member of LFAI, TAC and Outreach member of the Confidential Computing Consortium, co-lead of the Kubernetes... Read More →

Jeyappragash Jeyakeerthi

Co-chair, Tetrate

Wednesday November 20, 2019 5:20pm - 5:55pm PST
Pacific Ballroom, Salon 25-26 - Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Hotel

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