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Thursday, November 21

10:55am PST

Tutorial: Zero to Operator in 90 Minutes! - Solly Ross, Google (Limited Available Seating; First-Come, First-Served Basis)
Please bring your laptop fully charged as we will have limited charging stations available in the room.

Please complete the following steps ahead of time to make your tutorial easier: https://gist.github.com/DirectXMan12/ad7b35327c2816125a45cdc11ff78476

Come learn how to quickly get off the ground running with building an operator using KubeBuilder v2!

Come write a Kubernetes-style API to manage a bespoke application, complete with declarative validation and defaulting. Discover what kind of requirements go into an API type, and how to write API types that work and feel like they're part of Kubernetes, and can be easily consumed as part of a larger system.

Once you've got an API type, you'll make use of the new server-side apply functionality to make implementing your core logic a breeze, and learn how to think about writing well-behaved controller logic that deals with different interactions with other parts of Kubernetes.

Finally, you'll learn how to actually run your controller locally for development and on a remote cluster for production.

avatar for Solly Ross

Solly Ross

Software Engineer, Google
Solly is one of the leads of the Kubebuilder project, and works on Kubernetes at Google with a focus on custom controller tooling. Solly previously worked on metrics and autoscaling, and has been hacking on various parts of Kubernetes since Kubernetes 1.2. When not writing PRs or... Read More →

Thursday November 21, 2019 10:55am - 12:25pm PST
Hall D - San Diego Convention Center

2:25pm PST

Tutorial: A Kind Workflow for Contributing to Kubernetes - Benjamin Elder, Google; Duffie Cooley, VMware; James Munnelly, Jetstack; & Patrick Lang, Microsoft (Limited Available Seating; First-Come, First-Served Basis)
Please bring your laptop fully charged as we will have limited charging stations available in the room.

How can you be confident that the change you make is functioning as you expect *before* you submit that PR?

Many contributors to the Kubernetes code base want to increase the confidence they have in their code prior to pushing that code upstream. This workflow will simplify this process for you!

Bring your Mac, Windows or Linux laptop to this session! We will show how to install the tools you need - Docker, golang and Kind. 

We will  guide you through a great workflow for contributing and testing your code. We will be leveraging sigs.k8s.io/kind to show you how to build Kubernetes locally and test your code. Then we’ll use Kind to run e2e tests against your local build. 

Together, these new skills will enable you to feel more confident in the changes you are introducing to the existing code base and enable you to contribute more frequently!

avatar for James Munnelly

James Munnelly

Solutions Engineer, Independent
James is a Solutions Engineer at Jetstack, which involves helping customers bend and break Kubernetes to their will. He helps maintain a number of extensions to Kubernetes, including cert-manager (a Kubernetes native x509 certificates platform), kubernetes-sigs/kind (Kubernetes-in-Docker... Read More →
avatar for Benjamin Elder

Benjamin Elder

Software Engineer, Google
Ben first worked on Kubernetes around the 1.0 launch, implementing the initial version of the iptables kube-proxy for Google Summer of Code 2015. He later started working full time on Kubernetes in the summer of 2017, focusing on the test-infra, local clusters, build, and test with... Read More →
avatar for Patrick Lang

Patrick Lang

Software Engineer, Microsoft
Patrick Lang is a Software Engineer at Microsoft building and teaching how to use Kubernetes and Windows container technologies. He is a regular speaker on Windows Server Container development and management that helped launch the tech at MS Ignite and Build conferences along with... Read More →
avatar for Duffie Cooley

Duffie Cooley

Duffie Cooley, VMware
Duffie is a Staff Cloud Native Architect at VMware focused on helping enterprises find success with technologies like Kubernetes. Duffie has been working with all things virtualization and networking for 20 years and remembers most of it. He likes to present on topics ranging from... Read More →

Thursday November 21, 2019 2:25pm - 3:55pm PST
Room 29ABCD - San Diego Convention Center Upper Level

4:25pm PST

Tutorial: Mastering Multi-version CRDs: From YAML to a Serious Development Project - Stefan Schimanski, Red Hat & Joe Betz, Google (Limited Available Seating; First-Come, First-Served Basis)
Please bring your laptop fully charged as we will have limited charging stations available in the room.

To prepare for the session, follow the setup instructions at: https://bit.ly/2JWsbxC

CRDs have become the main vehicle to extend the Kubernetes API. They are ready to build serious products on-top of them. But with more and more features like admission and conversion they are no longer just a hundred lines of YAML, but involve real software development. In this talk/tutorial we will start with a YAML-only CRD project and step-by-step go through the development life-cycle towards a powerful multi-version CRD:

- add schema validation using OpenAPI schema generators
- enable pruning
- add defaulting
- add an admission webhook for powerful turing-complete validation
- evolve the CRD to a new version with a conversion webhook
- including comprehensive testing.

On this journey we will learn a lot of about the expected webhook behaviour, how they fit into API machinery, and about API compatibility and good & bad API practices.

avatar for Stefan Schimanski

Stefan Schimanski

Senior Principal Engineer, Red Hat
Stefan is a Senior Principal Software Developer at Red Hat working on Kubernetes and kcp, with a focus on API machinery, extension points and developer tools as part of Sig API Machinery. He contributed a major part of the CRD feature set. Stefan is a 2nd time GoogleSummer of Code... Read More →
avatar for Joe Betz

Joe Betz

Staff Software Engineer, Google
Joe Betz is a contributor to Kubernetes with a focus on custom resource, admission webhook extensibility features and server side apply. Joe is also etcd project maintainer and directly responsible for the health and stability of the GKE etcd fleet and leads improvements to etcd via... Read More →

Thursday November 21, 2019 4:25pm - 5:55pm PST
Room 29ABCD - San Diego Convention Center Upper Level

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