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Tuesday, November 19

4:25pm PST

KubeFlow’s Serverless Component: 10x Faster, a 1/10 of the Effort - Orit Nissan-Messing, Iguazio
Serverless simplifies data science by automating the process of code to container and enables users to add instrumentation and auto-scaling with minimum overhead. However, serverless has many limitations involving performance, lack of concurrency, lack of GPU support, limited application patterns and limited debugging possibilities. Orit Nissan-Messing will introduce Nuclio, a KubeFlow open source component which is 10x faster when compared to alternatives at a 1/10 of the effort. She will explain how to use Nuclio to extend KubeFlow pipelines, accelerating and automating each step of the workflow. This includes parallel processing, automated code building/deployment, stream processing and artifact tracking. Orit will demonstrate how to achieve devops automation involving auto-scaling, automated logging and monitoring, security hardening, CI/CD and workload mobility.


Orit Nissan-Messing

VP R&D, Iguazio
Orit Nissan-Messing has vast experience in cloud architectures, storage, AI and big data. Prior to Iguazio, Orit was Chief Architect at XIV (acquired by IBM) and held management roles in various companies from startups to corporations. Orit is a CNCF contributor and a member of the... Read More →

Tuesday November 19, 2019 4:25pm - 5:00pm PST
Room 6F - San Diego Convention Center Upper Level
Wednesday, November 20

3:20pm PST

OpenFaaS Cloud + Linkerd: A Secure, Multi-Tenant Serverless Platform - Charles Pretzer, Buoyant & Alex Ellis, OpenFaaS, LTD
In this talk, maintainers of the OSS projects OpenFaaS and Linkerd discuss and demonstrate combining the features of each to build a scalable and secure multitenant serverless platform.
OpenFaaS is a lightweight serverless platform built on Docker and k8s. Linkerd is an ultralight service mesh for k8s. The projects share philosophy around simplicity, ease of use, speed, and low resource impact. OpenFaaS was designed for small teams and tackled multitenancy by creating OpenFaaS Cloud to layer on top. Scaling for multitenancy requires more robust networking, encryption, detailed metrics, and load-balancing strategies than Kubernetes L4 can offer.
Linkerd fits because it provides the features listed above required for scaling multitenancy while remaining focused on simplicity, security, and performance as a part of a modular platform built around OpenFaaS.

avatar for Alex Ellis

Alex Ellis

Founder, OpenFaaS Ltd
Alex is a respected expert on serverless and cloud native computing. He founded OpenFaaS, one of the most popular open-source serverless projects, where he has built the community via writing, speaking, and extensive personal engagement. As a consultant and CNCF Ambassador, he helps... Read More →
avatar for Charles Pretzer

Charles Pretzer

Field Engineer, Buoyant, Inc.
Charles Pretzer is a field engineer at Buoyant, where he spends his time collaborating and engaging with the open source community of the CNCF service mesh, Linkerd. He also enables production level adoption by helping companies integrate Linkerd into their Kubernetes based applications... Read More →

Wednesday November 20, 2019 3:20pm - 3:55pm PST
Room 14AB - San Diego Convention Center Mezzanine Level

4:25pm PST

Scaling Your Cluster (Both Ways) - Scott Coulton & Patrick Chanezon, Microsoft
Kubernetes has many ways to scale your workloads, most of what we hear about is scaling our cluster up with either with vm sets or autoscaling groups. There is another way, in this talk we will look at virtual kubelet. Virual Kubelet will allow us to talk to a cloud providers container as a service platform like ACI, fargate or ECI. We will deep dive into how you can scale your applications across virtual kubelet. One issue is the kubernetes service type has is scaling to zero due to the way routing to the pod happens if there is no pod for the service to route too. Scaling our applications to zero is just as important and scaling up. We will look at projects that integrate with the horizontal pod autoscaler that fix this issue. Allowing us to not only scale our applications up but as easily down to make our cluster truly elastic.

avatar for Patrick Chanezon

Patrick Chanezon

Principal Cloud Advocate, Microsoft
Patrick Chanezon is Principal Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, helping Azure be the cloud you love. Previously, at Docker Inc., he helped to build Docker, the world’s leading software container platform, for developers and sysadmins. Software developer and storyteller, he spent 10 years... Read More →
avatar for Scott Coulton

Scott Coulton

Cloud Developer Advocate, Microsoft
Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft

Wednesday November 20, 2019 4:25pm - 5:00pm PST
Room 6F - San Diego Convention Center Upper Level

5:20pm PST

Serverless Platform for Large Scale Mini-Apps: From Knative to Production - Yitao Dong & Ke Wang, Ant Financial
Serverless architecture is getting increasingly popular. However, developers are still experiencing pain points that hold them back from using it in production, like portability, interoperability and debugging. At Ant, Ke and Yitao are committed to building a mission-critical serverless platform that reduces those frictions, which is now supporting large scale mini-apps.

Ke and Yitao will share the key workloads they are building with serverless and how they address pain points in production by expanding Knative. They will introduce technical details of adopting Knative with secure container runtime and reinventing Knative control/data plane, which largely saves deployment and operation efforts to enable serverless in Kubernetes clusters. The chat will also cover a quick demo to illustrate improved serverless app lifecycle management, 0-M-N-0 autoscaling performance and operation workflow.

avatar for Yitao Dong

Yitao Dong

Product Manager, Ant Financial
Yitao is a Product Manager at Ant Financial. He drives products of Ant Financial cloud, including cloud native PaaS for container and serverless. He works closely with end customers on solutions to adopt cloud native technologies for scalable financial scenarios.
avatar for Ke Wang

Ke Wang

Software Engineer, Ant Financial
Ke is a Software Engineer at AntFinancial, where he works on building an enterprise serverless product based on Knative. He is an early adopter of Knative and has been working on ingenious ways to improve / make better use of it for a long time. He is also an open-source enthusia... Read More →

Wednesday November 20, 2019 5:20pm - 5:55pm PST
Room 6F - San Diego Convention Center Upper Level
Thursday, November 21

10:55am PST

KEDA: Event Driven and Serverless Containers in Kubernetes - Jeff Hollan, Microsoft
Event driven and serverless architectures are defining a new generation of apps. However, to take full advantage of the serverless benefits of event driven, your application needs to scale and react to those events instantly - scaling from zero to potentially thousands of instances. These events may come in the form of queue and Kafka messages, or events from a cloud provider like AWS SQS or Azure Event Hubs. KEDA 1.0 is an open sourced component created in partnership with Red Hat and Microsoft Azure that provides event driven autoscaling for your Kubernetes workloads. In this demo-filled session, learn how to get started with KEDA, how customers are using it to efficiently scale and run event-driven apps, and how everything from a simple container to a serverless function can integrate seamlessly and scale natively in an event-driven and Kubernetes world.

avatar for Jeff Hollan

Jeff Hollan

Principal PM Manager, Microsoft
Jeff Hollan is Principal PM Manager for Azure Functions and KEDA. He is a spokesperson for serverless and cloud native for Microsoft and presented at keynotes and conferences around the world. His team focuses on building capabilities for serverless both in the cloud and on-premises... Read More →

Thursday November 21, 2019 10:55am - 11:30am PST
Room 16AB - San Diego Convention Center Mezzanine Level

11:50am PST

Cloud Native Smart Contract with Knative - Jay Guo & Ying Chun Guo, IBM
Smart contract in blockchain carries out business logics by manipulating data in ledger. Hyperledger Fabric, a permissioned blockchain technology, manages lifecycle of smart contracts by building and running them in Docker containers. However, alleviated privilege is required to access Docker daemon, which is normally against security principal in enterprise. It is not scalable to co-locate smart contracts with Fabric on same host. Also, idle contracts can be waste of resource.

This session will cover in depth why smart contracts should be ran in cloud native fashion, and how this can benefit deployment, operation and performance. This talk will demonstrate the changes made to Fabric to offload smart contract lifecycle management to Knative, a Kubernetes native serverless platform. This talk will also walk through steps that deploy smart contract as Knative service exposed to Fabric.

avatar for Ying Chun Guo

Ying Chun Guo

Software Engineer, IBM
Ying Chun Guo, known as “Daisy”, is an open source developer in IBM China development lab. She has several years experiences in open source communities, starting from OpenOffice, then OpenStack, and recently serverless platforms Apache OpenWhisk and Knative. Now she concentrates... Read More →

Jay Guo

Software Engineer, IBM
Jiannan (Jay) Guo is working for IBM China as software engineer. His main job is to contribute and advocate open source projects and he is currently maintainer of Hyperledger Fabric, a permissioned blockchain technology. He used to contribute to Apache Mesos, a container orchestration... Read More →

Thursday November 21, 2019 11:50am - 12:25pm PST
Room 11AB - San Diego Convention Center Upper Level