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Monday, November 18

5:02pm PST

Lightning Talk: What Makes a Good Multi-tenant Kubernetes Solution? - Victor Varza, Adobe
Multi-tenancy leads to sharing resources with hundreds of independent users or teams. Currently, Kubernetes primitives do not provide support for running production workloads in a multi-tenant architecture.

This talk is focused on how to glue together open-source technologies in order to achieve soft multi-tenancy requirements such as: self-management, access control, resource control and workload isolation.

You will learn how to build production ready cross-cloud multi-tenant clusters using Kubernetes primitives and other open-source technologies like Cilium, Heptio Contour, Kata Containers, Open Policy Agent and friends.

avatar for Victor Varza

Victor Varza

Sr. Cloud Software Engineer, Adobe
Victor Varza is a Senior Cloud Software Engineer at Adobe Romania, where he is currently working on running an enterprise cross-cloud multi-tenant microservices platform based on Kubernetes. He has over 8 years of experience in development of large-scale platforms based on Linux... Read More →

Monday November 18, 2019 5:02pm - 5:07pm PST
Exhibit Hall AB - San Diego Convention Center Ground Level

5:08pm PST

Lightning Talk: Boosting Your kubectl Productivity - Mauricio Salatino, LearnK8s
If you work with Kubernetes, then kubectl is probably one of your most-used tools. Whenever you spend a lot of time working with a specific tool, it is worth to get to know it very well and learn how to use it efficiently. The goal of this lighting talk is not only to make your daily work with Kubernetes more efficient but also more enjoyable!

avatar for Mauricio Salatino

Mauricio Salatino

Staff Engineer, VMware / KNative
Mauricio is a Staff Engineer at VMware working full time on the Knative Project (http://knative.dev). Mauricio has been working with Kubernetes for the last 6 years, training teams, developing cloud-native applications and presenting in conferences all over the world. Mauricio has... Read More →

Monday November 18, 2019 5:08pm - 5:13pm PST
Exhibit Hall AB - San Diego Convention Center Ground Level

5:14pm PST

Lightning Talk: Get Started With Non-Code Contributions to Kubernetes - David Strebel, Microsoft
Want to contribute to contribute to the Kubernetes project, but not a coder? This lightning talk will focus on how you can contribute back to Kubernetes without writing a line of code.

There exists this notion of developers, developers, developers and that you need to write code to be able to contribute to open source. There are many different ways that you can help out in an open source project without being a developer. In quick talk we will show the different needs open source projects have for non-code contributions and the roles that fit in for non-code contributors.

Coming away from this lightning talk you will have a good understating of how you can get involved in the Kubernetes project and start contributing with no code at all!

avatar for David Strebel

David Strebel

Open Source Architect, Microsoft
Dave Strebel is a Global Open Source Architect on the Microsoft Global Black Belt team. Dave focuses on containers, microservice architecture and the cloud-native ecosystem. Dave has been working in technology for over 15 years and has a mixed background across application development... Read More →

Monday November 18, 2019 5:14pm - 5:19pm PST
Exhibit Hall AB - San Diego Convention Center Ground Level

5:20pm PST

Lightning Talk: Kuber-What-Es?! Misadventures in Building UIs for K8s-Based ML Platforms - Alexandra Johnson, Independent
Last year, our team set out to build a machine learning platform for launching hyperparameter optimization jobs. However, after our launch, the kubernetes-based machine learning platform wasn't a hit with our internal users. This talk explains why, starting with our three critical user interface design decisions, the two problems these led to, and our one direction for future work. This talk is meant to be a very compact, but honest, look at some of the user experience challenges faced by teams building kubernetes-based ML platforms.

avatar for Alexandra Johnson

Alexandra Johnson

Tech Lead, Independent
Alexandra loves creating simple and easy to use interfaces for complicated products. Until recently, she was the Platform Tech Lead at SigOpt, where she and her team worked on everything from machine learning infrastructure to web dashboards to API design. She is based out of San... Read More →

Monday November 18, 2019 5:20pm - 5:25pm PST
Exhibit Hall AB - San Diego Convention Center Ground Level

5:26pm PST

Lightning Talk: Code Kubernetes While You Are Using It - Mario Loriedo, Red Hat
This lightning talk is about deploying a development platform on a Kubernetes cluster and using it to code and rollout an Kubernetes component update. Without stopping coding.

To do so we are going to use Eclipse Che, a container based IDE that runs on Kubernetes and is particularly adapted for rapid cloud native development.

avatar for Mario Loriedo

Mario Loriedo

Senior Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Mario is a Software Engineer at Red Hat and has been involved in various open source projects integrating containers and development tools. He is the principal architect of the open source project Eclipse Che.

Monday November 18, 2019 5:26pm - 5:31pm PST
Exhibit Hall AB - San Diego Convention Center Ground Level

5:32pm PST

Lightning Talk: Sharing a GPU Among Multiple Containers - Patrick McQuighan, Algorithmia
We’ve been sharing GPU resources across multiple containers since 2016, and we’ve learned a few lessons along the way. In this lightning talk, we’ll walk you through the work we’ve done and discuss some newer approaches to the same problem.

Specifically, this talk will address:

* Why GPUs matter
* What makes sharing GPUs across containers hard
* How we’ve managed to share GPUs in the past
* Recent solutions, including the GPUShare Scheduler Extender project (https://github.com/AliyunContainerService/gpushare-scheduler-extender)

avatar for Patrick McQuighan

Patrick McQuighan

Senior Software Engineer, Algorithmia
Patrick joined Algorithmia in December 2015 and has focused on improving system performance and creating the Enterprise AI Layer Enterprise product, an ML deployment and management system that runs on multiple cloud providers and on-prem infrastructures. Previously, Patrick worked... Read More →

Monday November 18, 2019 5:32pm - 5:37pm PST
Exhibit Hall AB - San Diego Convention Center Ground Level

5:38pm PST

Lightning Talk: How the Observability Team at Spotify Radically Decreased On-Call Alerts - Lauren Muhlhauser, Spotify
The Reliability team at Spotify took over the monitoring stack and decreased incident pages by 42% within 6 months. At first, they were devoting all their time to managing on-call alerts and tech debt. Now, on-call alerts are manageable and infrequent, and the team is on a path to using entirely open sourced products.

This stack was developed years prior, when there were few well-developed open source solutions available. Lauren describes how migrations to new tools (Grafana and Prometheus) decreased their backlog and on-call pages. She will also cover the improvements the team made to their own open source products (Heroic and FFWD) and why they chose to continue using and maintaining them. Lastly, she will discuss a new tool that the team will be repurposing and open sourcing in the near future.

avatar for Lauren Muhlhauser

Lauren Muhlhauser

Site Reliability Engineer, Spotify
Lauren is a Site Reliability Engineer at Spotify on the Observability team. She is currently working on maintaining the monitoring and alerting stack, as well as implementing tracing.

Monday November 18, 2019 5:38pm - 5:43pm PST
Exhibit Hall AB - San Diego Convention Center Ground Level

5:44pm PST

Lightning Talk: CRDs All the Way Down – Using OPA for Complex CRD Validation and Defaulting - Puja Abbassi, Giant Swarm
Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) and custom controllers (aka the operator pattern) are becoming the main way we extend Kubernetes. From etcd and Prometheus to full-on Kubernetes extensions a la Cluster API and Service Broker API - a lot of teams are building operators.

As the CRD concept is maturing SIG API machinery is adding useful features like validation, defaulting, structural schemas, etc. In more complex extensions with multiple CRDs and multiple controllers, we run into validation and defaulting use cases that can only be modeled with custom validation and mutation webhooks.

This talk will discuss use cases for complex CRD validation and defaulting, incl. common use cases like validating a CRD against another CRD. Furthermore, the speaker will make a point of why to use Open Policy Agent as a common agent to implement such use cases.

avatar for Puja


Developer Relations & Product, Giant Swarm
Puja Abbassi is a Developer Advocate and Product Owner at Giant Swarm. As a CNCF ambassador, he's passionate about bringing cloud native technologies to more developers and their companies around the globe. In Kubernetes he focuses on security and authentication as well as extending... Read More →

Monday November 18, 2019 5:44pm - 5:49pm PST
Exhibit Hall AB - San Diego Convention Center Ground Level

5:50pm PST

Lightning Talk: Easily Observing Operators - Lili Cosic, Red Hat
With everyone building their own operator, instrumenting them is an important piece of the puzzle. In this lighting talk, Lili will demonstrate how to implement operator observability by using kube-state-metrics as a library, to natively expose operator specific metrics.

Join this session to learn how to generate operator and custom resource metrics on the fly in just a few lines of code, by leveraging kube-state-metrics.

avatar for Lili Cosic

Lili Cosic

Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Lili Cosic is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat, working on OpenShift monitoring. She is also a kube-state-metrics project maintainer. Previously she worked at Weaveworks on the Weave cloud integration with Kubernetes and before that, she found her passion for Kubernetes operators... Read More →

Monday November 18, 2019 5:50pm - 5:55pm PST
Exhibit Hall AB - San Diego Convention Center Ground Level

5:56pm PST

Lightning Talk: Open Match - Matchmaking Framework - Robert Bailey, Google
Open Match is an open source game matchmaking framework that simplifies building a scalable and extensible Matchmaker. Open Match is designed to give the game developer full control over how to generate quality matches without having to deal with the challenges of building a scalable online production service. It enables the game developer to re-use the core framework code across games, and just focusing on the rebuilding the matchmaking logic custom to each game.

At its core, Open Match comprises of a set of services hosted in a Kubernetes cluster that manage Players, trigger custom matchmaking logic to generate match proposals and provides ability to evaluate these for quality. The framework also provides functionality such as monitoring, alerting, metrics analysis, autoscaling etc.

avatar for Robert Bailey

Robert Bailey

Staff Software Engineer, Google
Robert is part of Google's Cloud Gaming team working on open source gaming infrastructure projects founded by Google such as Agones and Open Match. He was previously a lead for the Cluster Lifecycle SIG, worked on Kubernetes for more than 4 years, and was one of the founding members... Read More →

Monday November 18, 2019 5:56pm - 6:01pm PST
Exhibit Hall AB - San Diego Convention Center Ground Level

6:02pm PST

Lightning Talk: Is Your Kubernetes Cluster's DNS Working? - Jonathan Perry, Flowmill
Your Kubernetes cluster is gaining traction and more and more developers are bringing up new services. That’s great news. But you’ve been getting reports of intermittent service failures that you haven’t been able to track down. It doesn’t seem to be anything else...could it be DNS? Maybe we’re not running enough DNS pods or they are restarting too frequently?

This talk will explain how to actually measure DNS health for your Kubernetes cluster and properly plan its capacity. We will share some specific mechanisms to gather DNS traffic information per service both with some standard Linux tools and systematically with eBPF.

avatar for Jonathan Perry

Jonathan Perry

CEO and Co-Founder, Flowmill
Jonathan is CEO at Flowmill. Jonathan was a Facebook fellow and previously worked for 7 years in communication systems R&D and HPC algorithm development in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). Jonathan received his Ph.D. from MIT CSAIL’s Networks and Mobile Systems group, where his... Read More →

Monday November 18, 2019 6:02pm - 6:07pm PST
Exhibit Hall AB - San Diego Convention Center Ground Level

6:08pm PST

Lightning Talk: Want to Donate a Project to the CNCF? Here's How - Cheryl Hung, CNCF
From the very first open source project, Kubernetes, to over 30 now, the projects are the lifeblood of the CNCF. The most mature (aka graduated) projects have become de-facto industry standards, backed by thriving communities.

However, it's not always clear how new projects are chosen to enter the CNCF.

Cheryl explains how you can propose a project to join the CNCF, and what the Technical Oversight Committee is looking for.

avatar for Cheryl Hung

Cheryl Hung

VP Ecosystem, Cloud Native Computing Foundation
Cheryl Hung is VP Ecosystem at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, where she drives adoption of cloud native infrastructure. As a non-profit under the Linux Foundation, the CNCF hosts open source projects including Kubernetes, Prometheus and Envoy.She founded the 5000+ strong Cloud... Read More →

Monday November 18, 2019 6:08pm - 6:13pm PST
Exhibit Hall AB - San Diego Convention Center Ground Level