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Andrew Randall

VP Business Development
Berkeley, CA & Berlin, Germany
Andy is responsible for business development, marketing and customer success at Kinvolk. He was previously co-founder at Tigera and Project Calico, the leading container networking and security solution for Kubernetes. He initially incubated Calico as a project at Metaswitch where he was SVP/GM of the networking business unit, having previously held leadership roles in corporate development, marketing, and engineering. He gained his MBA from Columbia and Berkeley business schools, and previously studied mathematics, philosophy, and software engineering at the universities of Oxford, Lyon and Stirling.

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Gone in 60 Minutes: Migrating 20 TB from AKS to GKE in an Hour with Vitess - Derek Perkins, Nozzle Room 14AB - San Diego Convention Center Panel: State of the Kubernetes Union - Steering Committee Discussion - Davanum Srinivas, Timothy St. Clair, Jorge Castro, VMware; Paris Pittman, Google; Derek Carr, Christoph Blecker, Red Hat; & Nikhita Raghunath... Room 16AB - San Diego Convention Center K3s Under the Hood: Building a Product-grade Lightweight Kubernetes Distro - Darren Shepherd, Rancher Labs Room 6F - San Diego Convention Center Networking Optimizations for Multi-Node Deep Learning on Kubernetes - Rajat Chopra, NVIDIA & Erez Cohen, Mellanox Room 5AB - San Diego Convention Center Cloud Native Runtime Security with Falco - Kris Nova, Sysdig & Abhinav Srivastava, Frame.io Room 31ABC - San Diego Convention Center Five Cool Things You Can Do with Network Service Mesh - Ed Warnicke, Cisco Systems; Nikolay Nikolaev, VMware; & Frederick Kautz, Doc.ai Room 17AB - San Diego Convention Center SIG Cluster Lifecycle (Cluster API) - Vince Prignano, VMware & Ashish Amarnath, Salesforce Room 6E - San Diego Convention Center Running High-performance User-space Packet Processing Apps in Kubernetes - Abdul Halim, Intel & Peng Liu, Red Hat Room 11AB - San Diego Convention Center The Gotchas of Zero-Downtime Traffic /w Kubernetes - Leigh Capili, Weaveworks Ballroom Sec 20AB - San Diego Convention Center Securing Communication Between Meshes and Beyond with SPIFFE Federation - Evan Gilman, Scytale & Oliver Liu, Google Room 6C - San Diego Convention Center